The Golden Fiber

The Golden Fiber

What is Jute? 

Jute is a sustainable fabric that comes from Jute plants. Also known as the “golden fiber,” for its long and shiny strands that are spun into thread. Jute fibers come from the plants' extracted bark, by stripping the fiber from the stem. There are many different techniques used for this extensive process. 

The Golden Fiber of the Future! 

Jute is the second most eco-friendly fiber next to cotton. It is 100% biodegradable and can be recycled. Jute does not release any toxins when it's burnt and like many plants, releases oxygen into the air by consuming carbon dioxide. Jute also enriches soil fertility for upcoming crops when it is cultivated. 

Not only is jute extremely eco-friendly, but it is immensely versatile. For example, it is used in clothing, cosmetics, medicine, etc, and can replace forest wood and bamboo. Its biodegradability makes it possible for its use as geotextiles and containers for planting trees. 

So buy sustainably and buy Jute!

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