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Borreguito de la Abundancia - Rainbow

Borreguito de la Abundancia - Rainbow

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Our Borreguitos de la Abundancia is a New Years' gifting tradition.  It is believed that the home of those you gift it to will be filled with economic abundance in the New Year.  It is best to gift it as what you give will return to you in larger quantities.

It also has a jungle bell which attracts happiness and prosperity to the home.  The red ribbon keeps negative energy that might alter the peace in the home.

The legend says that at the time of gifting this Borreguito, you should say the following phrase; "Sheep of the mountain, make me gather money every morning with your wool" / "Borreguito de la montaña, has que con tu lana junte dinero cada manana".

However, it is said that for it to work,  it needs to be placed inside the house and close to the door during the first couple of months of the year.  That way money enters our homes fluidly and constantly.

Hand Made by Indigenous Artisan Women of Chiapas, Mexico
Materials:  Cotton, Wool, Wood Legs
Height: 5"

Length: 8"


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